Presentation does not track completion correctly in LMS after updating a quiz

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You may find that a presentation doesn't track completion status properly in an LMS if the following criteria are true:

  1. Your presentation includes at least one quiz.
  2. You set your presentation to Track using number of slides viewed.
  3. You later modify a quiz in your presentation.
  4. You then republish your presentation for LMS to reflect the updated quiz.

The presentation will still be set to Track using number of slides viewed, but the threshold will incorrectly represent the Passing Score of the modified quiz rather than the Minimum number of slides viewed to complete.

This issue was resolved in Articulate Presenter '09 Update 6 (May 20, 2010).  To avoid this issue, please download and install the latest update for Articulate Studio '09.  To correct a course where this issue has occurred, republish your presentation, and verify that the correct Tracking options are selected.