Presenter becomes unresponsive when working with audio, animations, annotations, or preview / publish

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If Articulate Presenter freezes or locks up when attempting to record narration, import audio, sync animations, add annotations, preview, or publish, it may indicate that the Articulate project.log file needs to be regenerated, or it may mean that a third-party media application (such as SoundMax or Corel WinDVD) is causing a conflict with PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter.  Please review the following solutions.

Regenerate the Articulate project.log file

The Articulate project.log file is accessed every time a presentation is modified or published.  If there is a problem with this log file, Presenter may not respond properly.  It's easy to regenerate.  Here's how:

  1. Close PowerPoint.
  2. Navigate to Start > Run in Windows XP or Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run in Windows Vista / 7.
  3. Type %appdata%\Articulate\Presenter\Project into the Run dialog, and click OK.
  4. In the window that opens, locate the project.log file, and rename it to project.log.bak.
  5. Then launch your PowerPoint presentation, and attempt to import audio or record narration again.  (Articulate will generate a new project.log file the next time you edit or publish a presentation.)

Third-party media application is causing a conflict

If regenerating the Articulate project.log file does not fix the problem, you may be experiencing a conflict created by a third-party media application.  Typically, uninstalling the conflicting application will resolve the issue, so that PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter can function properly.

One way you can verify if you are experiencing this issue is to try to insert audio directly into a PowerPoint presentation (not referring to Articulate):

  1. Open a new PowerPoint file.
  2. Go to the Insert menu.
  3. Select Audio, and try to import an audio file.

If you cannot import audio into PowerPoint (not referring to Articuate), then you are most likely encountering this issue.

Programs that have been known to cause this conflict are SoundMax and Corel WinDVD.  In some cases, these programs come pre-installed on computers (such as Dell and Lenovo computers), so you may need to check the Control Panel to see if either program is installed.  Simply uninstalling these programs should resolve the issue.

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