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Use the Presenters section of Presentation Options to add, edit, or delete presenters, as well as to make a particular presenter the default for your presentations.

To manage Presenters:

  1. Select Articulate --> Presentation Options to launch the Presentation Options dialog.
  2. Click the Presenters option from the left-hand menu:
  3. Use the Add, Edit, Delete, or Make Default buttons:
    • Add: Click the Add button to add a new presenter to your library of presenters. See below for specifics on inputting presenter’s details.
    • Edit: Highlight an existing presenter’s name and click the Edit button to edit the selected presenter. See below for specifics on editing presenter’s details.
    • Delete: Highlight a presenter’s name in your list and click the Delete button to delete the selected presenter. You will be asked to confirm your choice.
    • Make Default: Highlight a presenter’s name in your list and click the Make default button to make the selected presenter the default choice.

To configure the presenter details:

  1. Click Add or Edit to open the presenter detail dialog:
  2. Input the desired details for each field (note that leaving a field blank will cause that field not to display when you preview or publish your presentation):
    • Name: The First and Last names of the presenter.
    • Title: The Title of the presenter (e.g., Vice President).
    • Email: The email address of the presenter.
    • Presenter Bio: A short bio of the presenter.
    • Photo: A photo of the presenter. Click Browse to add or edit a photo. Supported image formats include .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, and ..EMF. The optimal image size is 73x85 pixels.
    • Image Options: If your photo is not exactly 73x85 pixels, you have two options:
      • Maintain aspect ratio: Select this option to maintain the dimensions of your photo.
      • Stretch to fit: Select this option if you would like your photo to stretch to fit the entire width of the photo area in the player.

Tip: The presenter entries will establish the presenters used when you publish. You can always add a new presenter when you publish a specific presentation. You can also assign a different presenter to each slide of your presentation via Slide Properties.