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Use the Publish section of Presentation Options to specify publish options for your presentations.

To manage Publish options:

  1. Select Articulate --> Presentation Options to launch the Presentation Options dialog.
  2. Click the Publish option from the left-hand menu:
  3. Specify your desired Publish Options:
    • Slides without audio or animation display for x seconds: Set the duration for which slides that are published without any audio will be displayed. This value must be greater than 0.
    • On mouse click animations without set timings display after x seconds: Set the timing for slides that contain mouse-click animations but do not have timings set.
    • Choose character set for the Articulate player: This will be the default character set for published presentations. If you will be publishing text in English and most Western European languages, you should choose Western. If you will be publishing text in Asian, Eastern European, or other languages, you should choose Non-western.
    • Publish slides at X frames per second: This setting allows you to specify the number of frames per second (FPS) at which your slides should be published to Flash. The default frame rate is 30 FPS. Learn more about frame rate in Presenter '09 in this Knowledge Base entry.
    • Optimize audio volume: This setting will normalize all audio files.
    • Prompt before overwriting published folder: This option determines whether you should be prompted to overwrite existing files when publishing to a folder containing a previous output.
    • Enable Publish for manual uploading to Articulate Online: Check this box to enable local publishing of content to be uploaded to your Articulate Online account. After checking this box, go to Publish -> Articulate Online and you’ll be able to publish locally, then manually upload the output.
    • Update Quizmaker quizzes and Engage interactions before publishing: Check this box to automatically update any embedded quizzes and/or interactions to the latest version saved on disk.
    • Include slide master behind quizzes and interactions: Check this box to display your slide master behind inserted Quizmaker quizzes/surveys and Engage interactions.  [Video Tutorial]