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If you have an Articulate Online trial or paid account and wish to publish content directly to your account, then follow the Publish to Articulate Online instructions below.

In order to Publish to Articulate Online, you must already have an existing account. You can learn more about Articulate Online, including how to create a free 30-day trial account or how to purchase a paid account, here.

To Publish for Articulate Online:

  1. Click the Publish button on the toolbar (or from the Articulate menu).
  2. Select the Articulate Online publish tab.
  3. Title and Description
    • In the Title field, type the name for your published quiz or survey.
    • In the Description field, type a description for your published quiz or survey that will appear along with the quiz or survey in your Articulate Online account.
  4. Properties
    • Questions: This field displays the number of questions (and any randomization and pooling you’ve enabled) in your quiz or survey.
    • If you wish to modify the Passing Score, click the corresponding link. To learn more, see Managing Quiz Properties.
    • If you wish to modify Player Templates, click the corresponding link. To learn more, see Managing Quizmaker ’09 Player Templates.
    • If you wish to modify the Quality, click the corresponding link.
      • Set your desired Compression settings:
        • Optimize for Web Delivery: If this quiz will be delivered on a Web server -- on either the Internet or an intranet -- then choose this as your compression setting.
        • Optimize for CD-ROM Delivery: If this quiz will be delivered via CD-ROM, then choose this as your compression setting.
        • Custom (Advanced): This option is recommended only for users with advanced knowledge of compression settings. Set the JPEG factor for Compression using the sliding percentage scale. A quality factor of 75 is the default image setting when using Optimize for Web Delivery. You can also specify an Audio bitrate using the drop-down menu. The range is between 16 kbps and 160 kbps; the default is 24 kbps (Web).
        • Click OK to accept your settings or Cancel to exit without saving.
  5. Reporting
    • Click the Reporting button to determine how your quiz or survey’s status will be tracked and deemed complete by Articulate Online. Select from the Report status to AO as drop-down the option you would like Articulate Online to use in reporting the status of this quiz or survey. Options include the following:
      • Passed/Incomplete
      • Passed/Failed
      • Completed/Incomplete
      • Completed/Failed
  6. Account and Information
    • Account URL: The full URL of your account. The subdomain is unique to your account. The format should be http://<accountname> If you have a professional-level account, you might also have a custom root-level domain. If so, input that here. For example, http://<accountname>
    • E-mail: The administrator or publisher e-mail address/login associated with your account. Only administrators and publishers have permission to publish to Articulate Online accounts.
    • Password: The password you selected when you created your account, or the current password if you’ve changed it.
    • Save my password: Check this box to save your password for subsequent publishing to your Articulate Online account.

When you are finished with your choices, click Publish to publish your quiz or survey. Next time you publish, your last-used selections will be saved.

After you begin publishing to Articulate Online, Quizmaker ’09 will automatically upload your quiz or survey to your account.

When the upload is complete, you will have the option to Manage Content, which will launch your Web browser and display the content item you just published, or Close, which closes the Publish Successful window.