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You can publish your Presenter ’09 presentation for viewing on a mobile device via Flash Lite 3. The installation of Presenter ’09 includes a file called mobile-player.swf, which is required for viewing your presentation on a mobile device.

Here’s how to prepare your presentation for playback on a cell phone or mobile device with Flash Lite 3:

  1. Publish your presentation to Web (Articulate -> Publish -> Web) or open the published output folder for your already published presentation.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\mobile and copy mobile-player.swf from the players folder to the data folder of your published presentation.
  3. Copy the data folder, which should now contain mobile-player.swf, to your mobile device.
  4. Launch mobile-player.swf via your mobile device to view your presentation.

Here’s how to test mobile playback on your computer in quasi-emulation mode:

  1. Navigate to the data folder of your published presentation where you’ve copied the mobile-player.swf file.
  2. Drag mobile-player.swf into your Web browser to view your presentation.
  3. Resize your browser really small to match the screen size of your target mobile device.
  4. Resizing the browser taller than it is wide will auto-rotate the player to maximize playback size; this is to allow you to view the presentation either tall or wide on your mobile device.
  5. Your mobile device controls will control playback; you can use your computer’s keyboard to emulate those commands:
    • Enter: Play / Pause
    • Left / Right Arrows: Previous / Next
    • Up / Down Arrows: Volume Up / Volume Down

Known mobile devices that support playback include the following:

  • Nokia N95 8GB

If you find that your device supports playback, please let Articulate Support know.