Question Defaults

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Use question defaults to set default properties for new questions you add to your Quizmaker ’09 quiz or survey.

To access Question Defaults:

  1. Open an existing quiz or survey or create a new one.
  2. Click the Quiz Properties button on the toolbar.
  3. Select the Question Defaults tab.

Question Defaults: Note that changes to any of the below settings only apply to questions that you create after changing the setting (unless you use the Apply to all button on question feedback fields). Any settings you change in an individual question will overrule the defaults you select here.

  • Question Properties:
    • Points Awarded: Use this field to set the default number of points awarded for a correct answer.  [Video Tutorial]
    • Attempts Permitted: Use this field to set the default number of attempts permitted before the user is forced to move to the next question.
    • Shuffle Answers: Check the box to have the answers appear in a different order each time a user attempts the question rather than in the order the answers appear in the Quizmaker ’09 question list.
    • Allow user to skip survey questions: Check this box to allow users to skip survey questions included in your quiz.
  • Prompt Font:
    • Font to use for prompts in the player: Select the default font you wish to use for the prompts that appear in the player.
  • Default Feedback: [Video Tutorial]
    • Provide Feedback by Default: Check this box if you wish to supply default feedback responses for correct and incorrect answers to your questions. You can format your feedback text using the formatting options above the feedback fields.
    • Apply to all: Click this icon to the right of each feedback field to apply your default feedback to all questions in your quiz.