Question Results Feedback and Branching

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Quizmaker ’09 allows you to include results feedback and to set up branching in questions.

To set question feedback and branching:

  1. Create a new or edit an existing question.
  2. In the Set Feedback and Branching section at the bottom of the question, enter text in the feedback field (leave blank for no prompt).
  3. To format text, add audio feedback, or configure branching, click the ellipsis button (...) next to the feedback field to open the Question Feedback window.
    1. Format text, as desired. Learn more in Formatting Text in Form View.
    2. Add any hyperlinks, as desired. Learn more in Adding Hyperlinks in Form View.
    3. Record or import audio for your question feedback, as desired. Learn more in Adding Audio in Form View.
    4. Configure Branching, as desired, by using the Branch to the following slide drop-down menu. By default, the user will progress to the next question or slide after answering a question. Instead of the next question or slide, you can specify which question or slide a user will go to after a correct or incorrect answer to a question (or after any response to a survey question). Options include the following:
      • Next question (->) (default)
      • Finish Quiz (->|)
      • Specific question
    5. Click OK to save your feedback and branching settings, or Cancel to exit without saving changes.
  4. If you recorded any audio feedback or configured branching, you will see icons to indicate your choice(s) next to each feedback field in the question view.
  5. You can also assign a point value to a correct or incorrect answer (graded questions only) by clicking in the corresponding Points field and inputting a whole integer value greater than or equal to 0, or by clicking the up or down arrows.