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The Pass Results slide is a slide the user sees at the end of a quiz that is successfully passed.

To edit the Pass Result slide of a quiz:

  1. Click the Pass Result button on the Quizmaker ’09 toolbar. This will open the Pass Result Slide window.
  2. Ensure you are viewing in Form View by selecting the Form View button in the top ribbon.
  3. Check the Display passing result slide box to enable the pass result slide; uncheck the box to disable the pass results slide.
  4. Set other options for your pass results slide:
    • Show user’s score: Check this option to display the user’s score on the slide; uncheck to hide the user’s score on the slide.
    • Show passing score: Check this option to display the passing score on the slide; uncheck to hide the passing score on the slide.
    • Allow user to review quiz: Check this option to allow the user to review the quiz; uncheck to disallow the user from reviewing the quiz.
      • Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing: Check this option to display user answers when the user reviews the quiz; uncheck to hide answers on quiz review.
    • Allow user to email results to: Check this box to allow a user to email the results of the quiz to an email address that you specify in the email field.
    • Allow user to print results: Check this box to allow a user to print results.When checked, you can also enable the below option:
      • Prompt the user for their name before printing: Check to prompt users for name; uncheck this box to disable a prompt for name before printing.
  5. Set the Finish Action for your slide. This is what will happen when the user finishes the quiz.  [Video Tutorial]  Choose from the following options:
    • Close browser window: Select this option to make the finish button close the window when the user clicks it.
    • Go to URL: Select this option and specify a URL to make the finish button link to it when the user clicks it.
  6. Click Save & Close to save your slide, or continue editing your slide as outlined below.

To edit the results slide:

  • Save & Close
    • Save & Close will save your slide and close the slide window, bringing you back to your Question List.
  • Show
    • Form View allows you to work on your slide in the form view.
    • Slide View allows you to customize your slide in greater detail. To learn more, see Customizing Questions in Slide View.
  • Clipboard
    • Cut: Select text and click Cut in order to cut the selection from the question and put it on the clipboard. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+X.
    • Copy: Select text and click Copy in order to copy the selection to the clipboard. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+C.
    • Paste: Click in the question and click Paste where you want the contents of the clipboard to be pasted. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+V.
  • Text
  • Insert
    • Media: In a results slide, add Pictures or Flash movies by switching to Slide View -> Insert. To learn more, see Slide View: Insert Tab.
    • Sound: Use the Sound button to Record Mic or Import Sound to your slide. Learn more in Adding Audio in Form View.
  • Click Preview to see a preview of your slide. Available options while previewing your slide include the following:
    • Close Preview: Click this button to return to editing your slide.
    • Select: Click this button to select another question or slide in the quiz to preview.
    • Replay: Click this button above the Replay text to Replay this question. Click the arrow beneath the Replay text to select other options, including Replay this question, Replay this group, or Replay entire quiz.

To customize your Pass Result slide:

To learn more about further customizing your slide, please review Customizing Questions in Slide View.