Storyline 1: Reporting Articulate Storyline Variables to an LMS

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Articulate Storyline doesn't report the value of variables to a learning management system (LMS). However, you may be able to communicate variables to an LMS using the following technique.


Since Storyline reports quiz answers to an LMS, the idea is to assign the value of each variable to a Short Answer survey question.  Essentially, the process looks like this:

  • Create a Short Answer survey question for each variable that you want to report to the LMS.
  • Assign each variable that you want to report to one of the question slides.
  • Hide the question slides.
  • Link the question slides to a result slide.
  • Select that result slide as your tracking option when you publish.


To report one or more Storyline variables to an LMS, do the following:

  1. Add a Short Answer survey question to your Storyline project. The question text can say anything you'd like. We'll hide this slide later, so learners won't see it.
  2. Add a new trigger that adjusts the default text-entry variable for the question when the timeline of the slide starts. Make it equal to the custom variable that you want to report to the LMS. It should look something like this: Tip: Storyline uses a default name of TextEntry for the first text-entry variable. For additional text-entry variables in the same course, Storyline numbers them: TextEntry1, TextEntry2, etc. You may want to change these default variable names to make them easier to identify.
  3. To hide this slide from learners, edit the default Submit interaction trigger so it executes when the timeline of the slide starts. It should look like this:
  4. Important: Since the order of triggers determines how they execute, move the Submit interaction trigger down in the Triggers panel, so it's the last one listed under Slide Triggers. It should look like this:
  5. Link the Short Answer survey question to a result slide. If you already have a result slide, use the drop-down list in the Question panel to select it. Or, create a new one. Click here for more information on result slides.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for any other variables that you want to report to your LMS.
  7. When you publish for LMS, select the result slide from step 5 as the one that you want to track.