Running the Spell Check

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The Spelling feature allows you to either scan the spelling in your entire quiz or survey, or to check the spelling of a specific word. To quickly spell check your quiz or survey, simply press the F7 key on the keyboard.

To scan the whole quiz or survey, press F7 or select Spelling from the main ribbon. To check specific words, simply right-click the word flagged with a wavy red line. Any word not found in the Quizmaker ’09 dictionary will have a wavy red underline.

When the spell checker finds a spelling error, you have options such as ignoring the word, changing the word in one instance or all instances, or adding the word to the dictionary. You can also create a custom dictionary with words that you use frequently.

Spelling Options

The spelling options dialog allows a lot of customization of how the spelling is handled in Quizmaker ’09. Check or uncheck the options as needed. This dialog also allows you to add custom dictionaries as well as changing what language to use as the main dictionary.

Any changes made can be easily reverted by clicking the Restore Defaults button.

Learn more about Spelling Options in Quizmaker Options.

AutoCorrect Options

The AutoCorrect feature corrects misspelled words as you type them. To set up a list of words that you typically misspell and want the spell check to AutoCorrect, click the AutoCorrect Options button.

The AutoCorrect dialog allows for adding, replacing and deleting AutoCorrection words.