SCORM 1.2 presentation does not resume properly when viewed in an LMS

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If your SCORM 1.2 presentation fails to resume correctly when viewed in a Learning Management System (LMS), the issue could be that the LMS is having trouble with the amount of resume (suspend) data that is being passed from the content to the LMS.

Here's how to determine if this is the issue you are experiencing:

  1. Enable the LMS debug log in your published presentation.
  2. Upload the modified presentation to your LMS.
  3. View the presentation, and reproduce the resume issue.
  4. Then perform a search of the resulting debug log for the following text: intSCORMError=405

If you see intSCORMError=405 after a call to submit LMSSetValue(cmi.suspend_data, <somevalue>), it would tend to confirm that the LMS is unable to process the amount of resume (suspend) data being passed to it from the content.

You can address this issue in one of the following ways: