Storyline 1: Seekbar Doesn't Control Triggered Audio

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If you use a trigger to play audio in Articulate Storyline, learners won't be able to use the seekbar to control how the audio plays—i.e., they won't be able to scrub back-and-forth through the narration. Audio that plays only when triggered is divorced from the slide's timeline, since it requires certain conditions to be met first (such as clicking a button).

To trigger audio and control its playback, do the following:

  1. Add a layer to your slide. (You don't need to add any elements to the layer unless you want to. It can be blank.)
  2. Import your audio to the new layer. (Use the default timing, so it'll start at the beginning of the layer's timeline.)
  3. Click the gear icon (the Properties button) for the layer, and do the following:
    • Mark the box to Hide slide layer when the timeline finishes.
    • Use the Allow seeking drop-down to select Yes.
    • Click OK.
  4. Modify your original trigger so that it shows the new layer (rather than playing the audio).