Slide titles are missing from outline panel

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If your slide titles are missing from the outline panel or display the default Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3, etc. when published with Presenter '09, please review the reasons and solutions below:

Title placeholder is disabled in the slide master

This section pertains to PowerPoint 2007 / 2010.

If the Title placeholder is not enabled in your slide master, your slide titles will not appear in your published presentation as expected.  Presenter '09 uses the text found in the Title text boxes as the slide title for each slide in your presentation.

To correct this issue, you will need to enable the Title placeholder in your slide master and populate the Title text boxes on each slide.  Here's how:

  1. In PowerPoint, go to the View tab, and select Slide Master.
  2. For each layout in your slide master, select the Title check box on the toolbar to enable it.
  3. Click the Close Master View button to return to normal, slide view.
  4. Right-click each slide in the left navigation pane, scroll to Layout, and select the appropriate layout.�
    • Now that your slide master has a Title placeholder, a new Title text box will appear on the slide. 
    • Tip:  You can SHIFT+Click multiple slides in the left navigation pane, and apply the updated layout to multiple slides (or all slides) at one time.
  5. Visit each slide in your presentation, and transfer the slide title from the standard text box to the new Title text box.

Another option for working around this issue - if you would prefer not to amend your slides - is to go to Articulate > Slide Properties and type the desired slide titles in the Navigation Title column. 

Slide titles are enclosed with < > symbols

If you have enclosed your slide titles with < > symbols, the slide titles will not appear in the Outline panel when published with Presenter '09.  This is a known issue.  You can correct it by removing the < > symbols from your slide titles in PowerPoint.  Then republish your presentation.

If you need to keep the < > ("Less Than" and "Greater Than") symbols around your slide titles, you can workaround this issue in the following way:

  1. Modify the existing Slide Master or create a new one.  (PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003)
  2. On your Slide Master, drag the title placeholder off the slide stage.
  3. Then add a new text placeholder to the slide where you want the title to appear.
  4. Exit the Slide Master view, and return to your presentation.
  5. You will need to type the slide title twice for each slide in this manner:
    • In the title placeholder that is off-stage, type &lt; followed by your slide title followed by &gt; (example:  &lt;Slide 1&gt;).
    • In the new text placeholder that was added to the Slide Master, type your slide title with < > symbols (example:  <Slide 1>).
  6. Republish your presentation.

Here is a video screencast of this process: