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The Sound Tools allow you to apply formatting to audio on your question slide.

To manage the Sound Tools:

  1. Select and open an existing question in your quiz or survey or create a new question.
  2. Click the Slide View from the top ribbon.
  3. Select a sound on your slide by clicking the speaker icon.
  4. Select the Options tab which appears on the menu with the label Sound Tools.

The Sound Tools are divided into two sections:

  1. Play
  2. Sound Options


The Play section consists of a single Preview button which plays the selected sound so that you can preview it. Clicking on the Preview button again stops and resets the sound.

Sound Options

This section allows you to change settings for your inserted sound file:

  • Sound Volume: Change the volume of the sound. The following four levels are available:
    • Low
    • Medium (default)
    • High
    • Mute
  • Audio Editor: Record, import and edit your audio using the audio editor. To learn more, see Adding Audio in Form View.
  • Change Sound: Change to a different sound, preserving the options of the current sound.
  • Export Audio: Export the current sound. Choose to export to both .WAV and .MP3 formats, or select to export either to .WAV or .MP3.
  • Reset Sound: Discard all of the option changes you made to this sound.

Audio Options

Clicking the small arrow at the bottom right of the Sound Options section launches the Audio Options dialog box.

Audio Options allow you to define the following:

  1. Sound playback default device
  2. Sound recording default device
  3. Sound recording line
  4. Sound recording volume