SWF movie will not launch in new browser window

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You may find that a SWF video will not launch as expected if both the following criteria are true:

This is a known issue.  You can correct it in one of the following ways:

Display the SWF in the slide

Rather than launching the SWF in a new browser window, you can display the SWF in the slide.

Use MP4 or FLV

Rather than a SWF file, use a MP4 or FLV version of your video file.  These video formats do not encounter this issue.

Add the necessary files to your published presentation

If you would prefer to use a SWF file that launches in a new browser window, you will need to use the following method.

  1. Open your quiz directly in Quizmaker '09 (outside of PowerPoint).
  2. Publish your quiz for Web.
  3. When the Publish Successful dialog appears, select the Open Folder option.
  4. When your published output appears, open the quiz_content folder.
  5. Select and copy (CTRL+C) both of the following files:
    • quiz.js
    • zoom.html
  6. Next, navigate to the following directory in the published output for your presentation:
    • data/swf/quizmaker_xxx/quiz_content
  7. Paste (CTRL+V) the files from step 5 into this directory.

When you launch your published presentation, the Flash movie should now display correctly in a new browser window as expected.