Syncing animations in Presenter when narration is recorded in PowerPoint

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It is recommended that you record or import narration in your presentation via Articulate Presenter (Record Narration, Import Audio, or Audio Editor).  However, Articulate Presenter will also respect narration that you have added using PowerPoint's Record Narration feature.

If you record narration in PowerPoint and also need to synchronize animation timings in Articulate Presenter, please do the following:

  1. Publish your Articulate Presenter presentation.  This will copy your PowerPoint narration into Articulate Presenter.
  2. Then go to Articulate > Audio Editor to confirm that your narration is present.
  3. After confirming the presence of your narration, close the Audio Editor.
  4. If your narration appeared in the Audio Editor as expected, then delete the speaker icon from each slide in your PowerPoint presentation.  The speaker icon represents the narration you recorded in PowerPoint.  Now that your narration has been copied into Articulate Presenter, the redundant PowerPoint audio should be deleted.
  5. Then go to Articulate > Sync Animations to synchronize your narration and animations.
  6. Publish your presentation.