Understanding resume data in Presenter '09 content published for LMS

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When a user exits a Presenter '09 presentation, resume data (suspend data) is sent to the LMS, which is then referenced by the Articulate Presenter Player to determine where a user left off previously when they launch the same presentation again later.  Resume data is stored in a format with three parts as displayed in the following example:

Here is a description of each of the three sections of the suspend_data string:

  1. The first section of the resume data lists the slide numbers that the user viewed.
  2. The second section records the number of the slide the user was viewing when they exited the presentation.
  3. The third section stores data regarding the state of the navigation panel when the user exited the presentation.  This data instructs the Articulate Presenter Player on how to display the Outline tab when the user opens the same presentation later.  (For example:  Were the slide levels in the Outline tab expanded or collapsed when the user previously exited the presentation?)