Upgrade a Presenter 5 project to a Presenter '09 project

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You can easily upgrade a project created in Presenter 5 to a Presenter '09 project. When you open a presentation that was previously worked on in Presenter 5, you will receive a message to upgrade your project. The project needs to be upgraded to the new Presenter `09 format before it can be used in Presenter ‘09.

After your project is upgraded, you will see a new .PPTA file that will appear alongside your .PPT or .PPTX PowerPoint file. The PPTA file is a file format which stores everything you add to your presentation through the Articulate menu. This includes Flash movies, web objects, logos, playlists, presenters, attachments, audio, etc. These files should always be kept together.  Additionally, a backup of the project in the old format is created automatically as a .zip file.