Upgrading to Studio '09

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Do I need to uninstall the previous version to install the new version? 

If you install Studio '09 it will automatically uninstall Presenter 5 and Engage 1. It will not automatically uninstall Quizmaker 2. You can do this manually through the Control Panel.

What happens to my old presentations, quizzes and interactions?

Your existing content will not be upgraded unless you open the content in Studio '09. 

  • Presenter '09 - Your project will be upgraded to Presenter '09 and a backup of the original version will be created. If you are a trial user who is testing Presenter '09, you can simply unzip the backup to restore the original presentation if you decide to revert back to an earlier version of Presenter.
  • Quizmaker '09 - Your quiz will be opened in Quizmaker '09 and force you to save a new version of the quiz. Due to the extensive changes from Quizmaker 2 to Quizmaker '09, custom colors and effects and text labels are not applied to the new quiz. If you decide to not upgrade to Quizmaker '09, you will still have access to your original quiz files.
  • Engage '09 - Your interaction file will be upgraded to Engage '09. You will not need to do anything to downgrade the file should you choose not to purchase Studio '09.

Can I open Studio '09 projects in previous versions of the software?

You cannot open projects created in Studio '09 in previous versions of the software. You cannot integrate content created in Quizmaker '09 or Engage '09 into Presenter 5 or earlier.

What happens to my logos, presenters, playlists and custom player templates when I upgrade?

All custom content you added in Presenter 5 or earlier is maintained in Presenter '09.

What's new in Studio '09?

OK, this all sounds great. Where do I download the trial?

You can download a fully functional, 30 day trial here.

Great! Now how do I upgrade?

You can learn how to upgrade at our Store FAQ.