Use more than 20 numbered markers in a Labeled Graphic interaction

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When using the Numbers Marker Style in a Labeled Graphic interaction, Engage '09 provides numbered markers from 1 to 20.  You can use a workaround to use numbers greater than 20. Here's how:

  1. Add labels to your Labeled Graphic interaction.
  2. Apply the Numbers Marker Style to your labels.  For any numbers over 20, apply the number 20 marker (or any other numbered marker).  This will be changed in a later step.
  3. Publish your interaction.
  4. On the Publish Successful dialog, click the Open Folder button.
  5. Open the \engage_content folder.
  6. Open the data.xml file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  7. Your labels will appear between the <labels> and </labels> tags.  The first attribute for each individual label will be char.  Change the number in double quotes for the char attribute to correspond to the number you wish to use in your published output (for example, char="21").
  8. Save and close the changes to the data.xml file.

This design tip is provided by Articulate as a courtesy.  However, we do not support modification of any published output created by Articulate products.