Video Is Out of Sync After Using the Seekbar in Articulate Storyline 2

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If you use the seekbar to scrub back and forth through a video in an Articulate Storyline 2 course, you may find that the video is no longer synchronized with the rest of the slide content.

We fixed this issue in Update 8 for Storyline 2. Install the latest version of Storyline 2 to take advantage of the new features and fixes, then republish your course.

Background Information

This issue stems from a limitation in Adobe Flash Player and only affects Storyline's Flash output.

In Flash content, you can only scrub back and forth between keyframes in the video. Depending on your video, keyframes may occur multiple times per second, or they may be several seconds apart.

Prior to fixing this issue in Storyline, when you used the seekbar to scrub through a video, the slide's timeline would play from the precise point where you stopped, but the video would play from the nearest keyframe. And if these positions were different, the video would no longer be in sync with other content on the slide.

How the Fix Affects Your Published Output

We worked around the Flash limitation described above by forcing the seekbar to line up with keyframes in your videos.

As a result, the seekbar may not always stop exactly where you stop when scrubbing through a video in Flash output. The seekbar now stops at the nearest keyframe in your video to ensure that the video is always synchronized with the slide.

Just install the latest Storyline update, then republish your course to get this fix.