Articulate Online: Viewing and Tracking Articulate Engage Content

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When publishing Articulate Engage content for Articulate Online, you have options to include output for the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) and HTML5—in addition to the default Flash content. The version that learners see and how it interacts with Articulate Online depends on two criteria:

  • The browser or device learners use to view content
  • The output options you selected (Articulate Mobile Player, HTML5)
Which version will learners see?If they use a browser or device that supports Flash, they'll see the Flash output by default.If they use a mobile device that doesn't support Flash, your content will launch in the Articulate Mobile Player app. (If the app isn't installed, they'll be prompted to install it.)If they use a browser or device that doesn't support Flash and you didn't include Articulate Mobile Player output, they'll see the HTML5 output instead.
Will content be tracked in Articulate Online?Yes.Yes.Yes.
Can learners switch between Flash, AMP, and HTML5 without losing progress or results?Yes.Yes.Yes.