Storyline 1: Viewing Storyline content on an iPad

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iPad is an amazing device that can deliver wonderfully rich, multimedia-based e-learning. However, iPad’s mobile Safari browser currently has inherent limitations that impact how multimedia appears and operates. We’ve developed the Articulate Mobile Player app to circumvent these limitations and provide learners with the best possible experience on iPad.

(Articulate Mobile Player)
(HTML5 running in mobile Safari)
Content appears and operates as authoredYesContent may not appear and operate as authored due to inherent limitations of mobile Safari
PerformanceBestLimited by mobile Safari's resource allocation
Media playback supportFull supportUser may need to click to start media (audio and video may not play automatically)

Only one media file may play at a time
LMS trackingYes, with Tin Can API-supported learning management systems.Yes, via SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API.
Offline viewingYesLearners must be online to view content
Full-screen playbackYesPlayback confined within browser tab
Gesture supportYes, the player is optimized for a native iPad experienceNo
LibraryViewed courses are added to the Library, so you can quickly access them laterNo
FavoritesYes, it's easy to manage important contentNo

For desktop viewing, Storyline's HTML5 output is currently supported in Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Click here for more system requirements.