Storyline 2: XLIFF Translation Doesn't Work

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In some cases, you may find that translating Articulate Storyline content via XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) doesn't work as expected. You may receive a successful (congratulations) message but find that your course is still in the original language.

Use XLIFF with a Translation Tool

If you plan to translate text manually, we recommend using one of the Microsoft Word (DOC) export options in Storyline.

Select the XLIFF export option if you're using a translation tool for automatic or professional translation services.

Check the Caption States in Your XLIFF File

If you're using XLIFF with a translation tool and your course still doesn't translate as expected, make sure your translation tool is updating caption states properly. You can tell by opening the XLIFF file in a text editor, such as Notepad, and searching for "state."

Initially, the state for each caption in an XLIFF file is "new." When a caption is translated, your translation tool should update the state to "translated."

When you import the XLIFF file back into your course, Storyline will update captions that have a state of "translated." All other captions will be skipped.

If your translation tool isn't updating caption states in XLIFF files, please ask your translation vendor for assistance.