Articulate Trust Center

We keep your information safe

We take security seriously at Articulate. We understand how important data protection is to our customers and we work hard to maintain your trust. And we're transparent about our data management practices so you can feel comfortable using our software. Download our Articulate 360 Security and Global Data Security and Privacy policies to learn about our approach and review our privacy notice to get additional details on how we protect personal information.

Compliance and certifications

Articulate's privacy-by-design mandate ensures that only necessary data is collected, and makes it easy to see and manage your data. Articulate partners with carefully selected industry leaders with first-rate security practices.


We apply the most advanced encryption technology publicly available to secure data. Using 256‑bit TLS/SSL encryption and a minimum of 2048‑bit RSA encryption, Articulate encrypts all data at rest and all network traffic, including on payment pages, into and out of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Hiring & training policies

Using a rigorous hiring process, we hire and retain only the industry's best engineers; they must have superlative track records and references to be part of our team. We provide extensive internal and external training opportunities to all of our developers.

Engineering practices

A limited number of trusted, qualified engineers can access customer data, and we have multiple protections in place to protect access to production servers. Engineers have restricted access to production content, allowing them to troubleshoot production outages.

Technology advancement

We have rigorous processes for vetting and implementing emerging technology to maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure. We partner with third party testing companies to continuously monitor our security infrastructure for vulnerabilities and implement fixes immediately. We also closely monitor developments in the infrastructure sector to address emerging vulnerabilities rapidly.


We partner with industry-leading hosting providers to create redundant and reliable hosting infrastructure.

All Articulate services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the us-east-1 region located in northern Virginia in the United States. We make frequent automated backups of customer data and have implemented up-to-the-minute recovery options where feasible. We store backups in a redundant way and test our recovery frequently to reduce the likelihood of data loss and minimize downtime in a large-scale disaster. We have built redundancy into all our services to eliminate single points of failure in our infrastructure.

If you'd like to report a security issue, contact us at