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No matter what type of training content you're creating, its visual design sets the tone for learners' experience. In addition to aesthetic appeal, it's important to ensure your design is accessible. With the June 2022 update, you can achieve both from the get-go. Storyline 360 now includes accessible quiz result slide templates with fresh designs meeting color, contrast, and focus guidelines and the option to define custom theme colors for correct and incorrect quiz elements.

Read on for details.

Accessible Quiz Results

The built-in result slide templates are now more legible and appealing—guaranteed to catch learners' attention. The check mark and X icons are bigger with bolder, higher contrast colors, and the overall layout of the result slide is easier to perceive and navigate.

Check out these screenshots. (Click the images to enlarge them.)

Example of the new success layer.

Success Layer

Example of the new failure layer.

Failure Layer

What a difference, right? The best part about accessibility is that it improves the experience for all learners, regardless of their abilities.

Adding Accessible Quiz Result Slides

Use the new result slide templates to quickly create quiz results that are accessible by default. Go to the Slides tab on the ribbon and click Results. Select any template in the first section of the template browser (as shown below), then click Insert Slide to add it to your training content.

Insert Slide window.

To learn more about result slides, review this guide.

Feedback Theme Colors

To meet WCAG guidelines for visual contrast and color, quiz elements now have accessible contrast by default. For example, the correct review banner and result slide success layer use hex color code #275114 (green), and the incorrect review banner and result slide failure layer use hex color code #8F0000 (red), resulting in an inclusive design.

Check out these images. (Click the images to enlarge them.)

Example of new correct feedback layer colors.

Correct Review Layer

Example of new incorrect feedback layer colors.

Incorrect Review Layer

Here's where the feedback theme colors appear in Storyline 360 projects.

  • When learners review their answers for true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, and data entry questions, the new colors display on the review banner and the check mark icon that indicates the correct answer.
  • When learners review their answers for matching drag-and-drop and sequence drag-and-drop questions, the new colors appear on the numbers indicating the correct order.
  • Icons and quiz result variables on the new accessible result slides.
  • Icons on the new accessible success/failure layers.
  • Color selectors throughout Storyline 360, as shown below. (Learn more about theme colors.)
Theme Colors window.

Coming Soon

  • Feedback theme colors currently aren't available for correct and incorrect feedback layers. To change the color of the icons on those layers, use the feedback master. Accessible question feedback layers, as described on our feature roadmap, are in the works. We'll let you know when it's ready!
  • Want to customize or remove the correct/incorrect review banners? We're modernizing the quiz review experience, so stay tuned!

Customizing Feedback Theme Colors

Personalize your training content by defining your own theme colors for correct and incorrect quiz elements, such as icons and review banners. In the theme editor, simply click the colors next to the Quiz - Correct and Quiz - Incorrect fields and use their color selectors to choose different colors.

Create New Theme Colors window.

Tip: Support learners with low vision by making sure your custom feedback theme colors have a contrast ratio of 3:1 or higher against the quiz background color. To easily determine the contrast ratio, try this web-based contrast checker or download this contrast checker tool.


Accessible result slide templates and the new feedback theme colors are exclusive to the June 2022 update and later for Storyline 360. Project files that use these features won't open in Storyline 3 or earlier versions of Storyline 360. To restore compatibility, delete the accessible result slide and use a legacy result slide or Content Library 360 result slide instead.

For projects with custom feedback theme colors, you can restore compatibility with Storyline 3 and earlier versions of Storyline 360 by changing the hex color codes for the Quiz - Correct and Quiz - Incorrect fields back to their default values of #275114 and #8F0000, respectively.