Articulate 360 Teams: User Roles

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Understanding User Roles

Account Owner

The account owner is the person who purchased the subscription and is responsible for billing management. The owner is the only one who can buy additional seats for the team.

The account owner is also an admin for the team, but he or she can assign others to be admins instead.

The account owner might not have a user seat by default, meaning he or she can't use the Articulate 360 apps. However, owners can assign themselves to seats if they need to use the Articulate 360 apps.

You can be an account owner for more than one account.


Admins manage seat assignments by adding and removing users. Admins can also add and remove other admins. And they can request additional seats from the account owner.

There's no limit to the number of admins you can have for an Articulate 360 Teams account, and admins don't have user seats by default, meaning they can't use the Articulate 360 apps.

You can be an admin for more than one account.

Learn more about managing a team.


Users are seat holders. They use the Articulate 360 apps to create e-learning content and collaborate with one another on projects.

You can't be a user for more than one team.

Transferring Account Ownership

Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions can have multiple admins but only one account owner. Owners are admins by default, but they don't need admin access for billing management.

You can transfer account ownership to someone else. Doing so requires confirmation by the new account owner as well as adding a credit card for renewals. Contact us for details.

Designating a New Admin When None Are Available

We can't change your account roles or permissions. Only account owners and admins can designate other admins. It's easy to do. Watch this video to learn how.

And since admins don't consume user seats by default, you can add as many admins as you like.