Articulate Online: Importing Users

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Articulate Online offers a helpful import feature that can really speed up the process of getting users set up in your account. This tutorial walks through the steps for importing users.

Tip: With the approach shown here, the users you import will not receive an automatic notification that they’ve been added to your account. You’ll need to communicate directly with them to make them aware of your account URL and their password, so that they can access the course content you’ve prepared for them. You might want to instruct them to use the Reset Password option on their first login, so that they can choose a new password themselves.

If you prefer to have Articulate Online generate a random password for each user and notify them of their login credentials automatically, see Generating Random Passwords for Users You Plan to Import. It covers how to do that before you import the users’ other data.

STEP 1: Download the Import Template

  1. Log in to your Articulate Online account and click the People tab.
  2. At the bottom of your list of users, select Add Users.
  3. Click the link that says Import users from a file.
  4. When the window below appears, click the link to download the file called ao-import.csv and save it to your computer.

STEP 2: Complete the Template with Your User Data

  1. Open the CSV file in Excel and enter user data in the columns provided. Be sure to read the instructions and tips at the top of the file to make sure you enter everything properly. For each new user you add, you’ll need to enter at least an email address and password.
  2. When you save your Excel file, if you see a prompt asking if you want to keep the file in CSV format, choose Yes.


STEP 3: Import the Data into Articulate Online

  1. In Articulate Online, return to the import window that you opened earlier. Click Browse to select the CSV file you completed and saved.
  2. Click Add Users to complete the import.

The users you imported will now appear in your list of users in Articulate Online.