Storyline 360: Comparing HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Player Output

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Since Adobe discontinued Flash, we retired Flash publishing and the Articulate Mobile Player.

We shut down Articulate Online on December 31, 2021. Learn more.

The following table compares the Storyline 360 features supported in HTML5, Flash, and the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP). Refer to this table during the planning and development stages of your projects for the best results in the environments you're targeting. Hover over highlighted cells for additional notes.

Tip: Use the Classic Player If You Need Flash and AMP Output

When you publish courses with the modern player, you’ll get HTML5-only output that works beautifully in all major browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices. Courses that use the modern player don’t have any Flash content, so they’ll continue to work when browsers stop supporting Flash.

If you need Flash and AMP output, switch to the classic player before you publish.


Content Library 360 templates
Engage interactions 
Freeform interactions
PowerPoint presentations (see note below)
Quizmaker quizzes (see note below)
Screen recordings
Slide layers
Zoom regions

Tip: Generally speaking, content imported from PowerPoint and Quizmaker is supported in HTML5, Flash, and AMP. However, if the source content includes features that aren't supported in one or more formats, those items simply won't work when viewed in those environments. Review the rest of this article for details.


Freeform: Drag and Drop
Freeform: Hotspot
Freeform: Pick Many
Freeform: Pick One
Freeform: Shortcut Key 
Freeform: Text Entry
Graded questions
Print results 
Quiz timer
Review and retry only incorrect questions
Slide draws from question banks
Survey questions

Content Library 360 Media

Content Library 360 Characters (Illustrated and Photographic)
Content Library 360 Icons
Content Library 360 Illustrations
Content Library 360 Photos
Content Library 360 Videos

Pictures, Shapes, and Captions



Flash movies  
Simultaneous audio/video
Videos with alpha-channel transparency 
Web objects


Slide Numbers  
Variable references

Interactive Elements

Data-entry fields
Mouse cursors
Scrolling panels

Trigger Actions

Common: Change state of
Common: Show layer
Common: Hide layer
Common: Jump to slide
Common: Jump to scene
Common: Jump to time / cue point  
Common: Lightbox slide
Common: Close lightbox
Common: Move
Media: Play media
Media: Pause media
Media: Stop media
Project: Restart course
Project: Exit course
More: Adjust variable
More: Pause timeline
More: Resume timeline
More: Jump to URL/File
More: Send email to
More: Execute JavaScript 
Quiz: Submit interaction
Quiz: Submit results
Quiz: Review results
Quiz: Reset results
Quiz: Print results 

Trigger Timings

Mouse Events: When user clicks
Mouse Events: When user double-clicks
Mouse Events: When user right-clicks 
Mouse Events: When user clicks outside
Mouse Events: When mouse hovers over
Object Events: When state changes
Object Events: When animation completes
Object Events: When object intersects
Object Events: When object intersection ends
Object Events: When object enters slide
Object Events: When object leaves slide
Control Events: When slider moves
Control Events: When dial turns
Control Events: When variable changes
Control Events: When media completes
Control Events: When user presses a key 
Control Events: When control loses focus
Timeline: When timeline starts
Timeline: When timeline ends
Timeline: When timeline reaches
Drag-and-Drop Events: When object dragged over
Drag-and-Drop Events: When object dropped on


Animations (entrance, exit, motion path)
Slide/layer transitions


Hover states
All other states


Section 508 accessibility support 
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) support 
Closed Captions 
Define a custom tab order for slide objects 
Adjust the player font size 
Alternate text for media 
Language identifier for screen readers 
Skip the player navigation elements in screen readers 


Desktop playerN/A
Responsive player N/A
Slide-specific player controls

Player: Features

Custom tabs
Seekbar: free
Seekbar: read-only (locked)
Seekbar: conditional  
Sidebar on left
Sidebar on right 
Topbar left tabs
Topbar right tabs
Volume slider 

Player: Menu

Auto-collapse menu as learner progresses
Auto-number entries in menu
Navigation (free, restricted, locked)
Show tooltip on hover N/A
Wrap long menu item titles

Player: Styles, Colors, and Effects

Classic player styleN/A
Modern player style N/A
Background color 
Captions font 
Color schemes 
Player font  
Player font size 

Player: Text Labels

Custom text labels (localization)

Player: Other

Browser size (when launched in a new window on desktop computers)N/A
Launch in new windowN/A
Launch in new window: Display window with no browser controlsN/A
Launch in new window: Allow user to resizeN/A
Player size (when using the classic player on desktop computers)N/A
Resume (prompt, always, never)
Text: Left to right
Text: Right to left


Articulate Online (viewing, tracking, reporting)
LMS (viewing, tracking, reporting)
Switch between HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Player without losing progress in Articulate Online
Switch between HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Player without losing progress in an LMS
SCORM 1.2 
SCORM 2004 
xAPI (Tin Can API)

Web Browsers: Windows

Firefox (latest version)N/A
Google Chrome (latest version)N/A
Internet Explorer 8 and 9 N/A
Internet Explorer 10 and laterN/A
Microsoft Edge (latest version)N/A

Web Browsers: Mac

Firefox (latest version)N/A
Google Chrome (latest version)N/A
Safari (latest version)N/A

Web Browsers: Mobile Devices

Google Chrome in Android OS 4.4 and later N/A
Google Chrome in Apple iOS 10 and later N/A
Safari in Apple iOS 10 and later N/A

See also: Storyline 360 Tech Specs