Quizmaker '13: Adding Entrance and Exit Animations to Objects

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Articulate Quizmaker has a library of entrance and exit animations that you can apply to pictures, shapes, captions, text, characters, movies, and other objects you've added to your slides.

Applying Entrance Animations

To apply an entrance animation, do this:

  1. Go to the slide you want to edit, and switch to Slide View.
  2. Select an object on the slide.
  3. Go to the Animations tab on the Quizmaker ribbon.
  4. Click None in the Entrance Animations section. Choose one of the animations available. If you see All At Once or By First Level Paragraph, it means the object you selected includes text. In that case, choose All At Once if you want all the items to animate in at the same time, or choose By First Level Paragraph if you'd like the items to animate one after the other.
  5. Use the Speed drop-down to select an animation speed.
  6. Use the Enter From drop-down to select the direction from which you want to object to enter. If you see an option here for Current, it just means the object will animate in from its current location.

If you want your entrance animation to occur at a specific point during the slide's timeline (rather than right at the beginning of the slide), see Syncing Animations.

Applying Exit Animations

If you'd like an object to disappear (animate out) at some point during the slide's timeline, follow the same steps as those above, but use the Exit Animations section of the toolbar instead. 

Animating Grouped Objects and Multi-Item Quiz Answers Individually

Yes! If you open Quizmaker's timeline, you'll see a triangle next to the item representing the answer choices or the grouped objects. Click that arrow to expand the group, and then you'll be able to animate each item individually.

For details, see Syncing Animations.

Can I Use Animations on Master Slides?

Yes! Just click the View tab on the Quizmaker ribbon and choose Slide Master or Feedback Master. Go to the master slide layout that contains items you want to animate. Then apply entrance or exit animations using the steps shown above. For more on slide masters, see Using Slide Masters.

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