Quizmaker '13: Assigning a Score to Graded Questions

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Articulate Quizmaker lets you assign a score to graded questions. Here's how:

Assigning Point Values to Individual Questions

To assign point values to an individual question, do the following:

  1. In Form View, go to the Home tab on the Quizmaker ribbon.
  2. Use the Score drop-down to select one of the following options:
    • None: This prevents the question from being graded (scored). This option is only available for freeform questions.
    • By Question: This is the default option. It lets you assign points to the correct and incorrect responses for the overall question.
    • By Choice: This lets you assign a different score to each answer choice. This option is only available for some question types, such as Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot.
  3. Enter values in the point fields for correct and incorrect answers. If you're assigning points By Question, the point fields are at the bottom of the window. If you're assigning points By Choice, they're to the right of each answer choice. (Tip: Quizmaker supports positive and negative whole numbers.)


  • In Slide View, you can use the Score drop-down in the Question panel on the right side of the slide workspace to determine how points are awarded (By Question or By Choice), but you'll need to switch to Form View to assign specific point values.
  • In Question List View, you can click the Points to the right of any graded question to change the number of points awarded for the correct response, but you'll need to switch to Form View to assign points to incorrect responses or to change the way points are awarded.

Setting the Default Point Value for New Questions

You can change the default value that Quizmaker assigns to correct responses. Here's how:

  1. Switch to Question List View.
  2. Go to the Home tab, and click Quiz Properties.
  3. Select the Question Defaults tab on the left side of the window.
  4. Enter a number in the Points Awarded field, or use the arrows to adjust the value.
  5. Click OK.

Tip: Existing questions in your quiz won't be affected when you change the default point value, so it's a good idea to set your question defaults before adding any slides to your quiz. You can override the default point value for any graded question by assigning a different value to it (see above).

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