Review 360: Enhanced Dashboard Management

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Quickly and intuitively organize your Review 360 dashboard with nested folders, subfolder breadcrumbs, an action toolbar, and more project management efficiencies. You can even multi-select items and folders, then move them in bulk.

Personal Folder

Your Review 360 root folder gets personal and intuitive. Rather than showing all content, the Personal folder only shows what you keep inside it. So moving Review 360 items and folders to subfolders removes them from the Personal folder.

Nested Folders

You now have unlimited ways to organize your Review 360 items. Create subfolders in your Personal folder or other subfolders to customize your folder structure. For example, organize your Review 360 items and folders by category, project, topic, or any other criteria.

Subfolder Breadcrumbs

Navigate through your nested folders quickly with subfolder breadcrumbs at the top of your dashboard, which display your current location within your folder structure. Click a specific subfolder within the folder path to jump to it instantly.

Dynamic Action Toolbar

Here's another way to manage Review 360 items and folders. Hover your mouse over an item or folder and select the checkbox in the upper-left corner to show the toolbar on your dashboard's header (as shown in the image above.) The list of actions on the toolbar is dynamic and depends on the type and number of items and folders you select. Learn more about managing Review 360 items and folders.

Additionally, this action toolbar enables you to select multiple items, bringing us to our next feature. 

Bulk Item Management

Move multiple items and folders at the same time with ease. Hover your mouse over each one and select the checkboxes in the upper-left corner. Then click the Move icon on the dynamic action toolbar, choose the new folder location, and click Move. An Undo option appears on the lower-left corner of your screen for a few seconds in case you change your mind. While you can't delete in bulk yet, you can move multiple items and folders to a new folder and then delete the folder.

Get Public Link

Share your Review 360 content with stakeholders and other team members with a public link that's accessible to all. We've renamed the "share" option to increase awareness that anyone with the link can view your content. Learn more about sharing Review 360 items.

Content Transfer Folder Behavior

Make the most of transfer folders, which now work as regular folders. You can move Review 360 items and folders in the transfer folder or even create new subfolders. The previous owner's folder structure is preserved for a smooth transition.

Your Feedback

Do you have ideas on expanding the dashboard's capabilities further? Or have you found things we can improve? We'd love to hear them!