Storyline 2: Confirming That Learners Are Ready to Submit Their Answers

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Because unanswered questions negatively impact quiz scores, you may want to ask learners to confirm that they've answered all the questions before they proceed to the result slide, especially if you've configured the quiz to submit answers all at once. Here's one technique:

  1. Add a new slide between the last question in your quiz and the result slide. Basic layouts work well.
  2. Add a button called Review (or something similar), and add a trigger to the button that jumps to the first slide in the quiz.
  3. Add another button called Submit (or something similar), and add a trigger to the button that jumps to the result slide.
  4. Add a text box to the slide that instructs learners to:
    • Click the Review button if they skipped any questions or want to review their answers before submitting them.
    • Click the Submit button when they're ready to submit their answers and complete the quiz.