Storyline 360: Modern Player-Only Features

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Storyline 360 lets you know if your project uses any features that are exclusive to the modern player and incompatible with the classic player.

  • When you're using modern player-only features and try to switch to the classic player, you'll see this message: "This project has the following features, which are only supported in the modern player style."
  • When you're using the classic player and attempt to enable a modern player-only feature, you'll see this message: "Switch to the modern player style to use this feature."

Here are the modern player-only features in Storyline 360 and how to restore compatibility with the classic player. We'll update this list as new features are released.

Streaming Video

Streaming video lets you deliver video content to all learners, regardless of their internet speed. Storyline 360 automatically adapts the video quality—high, medium, or low—to the learner's internet speed to provide smoother playback and keep them engaged.

To restore compatibility with the classic player, select the static video quality.

Dialog Layers

Dialog layers overlay the entire browser window and dim other content, creating a familiar navigation experience for everyone—including screen reader users. Use modal dialogs when you don't want learners to interact with anything else in your course, including the modern player controls, while the layer is open.

To restore compatibility with the classic player, remove the dialog layer or change it to a standard layer.

Print Slide Trigger

Allow a learner to print any slide in a course, including a certificate. The print slide trigger allows you to create this interaction without coding. 

To restore compatibility with the classic player, delete the print slide trigger.

Full-screen Button

Minimize distractions and boost accessibility in published Storyline 360 courses with the new full-screen toggle.

No action is needed to restore compatibility with the classic player, but it will not have a full-screen button.