Add the students name in the subject field when emailing results

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Currently, the Quizmaker '09 email results do not include a students name. You can add a student's name using the method below, though this is not supported by Articulate.

  1. Make sure the Pass and Fail results slides are enabled and set to Allow user to email results.
  2. As the first question of the quiz, create a Survey Short Answer type question requesting the students full name and set the question Requirement to: User must answer.
  3. Publish the quiz and select the Open Folder option from the Publish Successful dialog.
  4. When Windows Explorer opens navigate into the quiz_content folder and open the quiz.js file in a text editor like Notepad.
  5. Around or at line 383, locate the following line of code:
    • var g_strSubject = "Quiz Results: " + g_oQuizResults.strTitle;
  6. Change the above line of code to read as follows:
    • var g_strSubject = g_arrResults[0].strStudentResponse + " - Quiz Results: " + g_oQuizResults.strTitle;
  7. Save the quiz.js file and View the quiz.

After completing the quiz and and selecting the Email Results button, the Subject line of the email will now include the students name. Here is a video screencast of the above procedure:

Please note the methods described here are not supported by Articulate and are provided as is.