Presenter '09: How to Add a Movie to Your Course

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Presenter ’09 makes it simple to incorporate existing movies into your presentation. You can insert up to 3 movies (any combination of .SWF,.FLV of .MP4 files) per slide—one in each of the supported display methods (slide, presenter panel, new browser window). You can preview your movie during the insert process.

To add a movie to your course:

  1. Select Articulate --> Flash Movie.
  2. Navigate to the movie (.SWF,.FLV or .MP4 file) you’d like to include in your course.
  3. Click your desired .SWF,.FLV or .MP4 file.
  4. Click Open to proceed (note that you can also click the arrow next to the open button to Show previous versions of the selected Flash file).
  5. You will see a preview of your Flash movie; use the play and stop icons to preview your movie.
  6. Choose how you want the movie to display:
    • Display in slide: This will display your Flash movie in the slide panel.
    • Display in presenter panel: This will display your Flash movie in the presenter panel of your presentation.
    • Display in new browser window: This will cause a new window to open independently of your slide. Your Flash movie will be displayed within this new window.
  7. Set the behavior for your Flash movie (options vary depending on which display option you select):
    • Advance to the next slide (slide & presenter panel): Choose whether the slide will advance to the next slide automatically when movie finishes, or when user clicks next.
    • Synchronization (slide only): Choose whether to synchronize slide and movie to play together or if movie plays independently of slide.
    • Start Flash movie X seconds into the slide (slide & new browser window): If you choose the option movie plays independently of slide, then specify how many seconds into the slide your Flash movie should begin playing.
    • Browser controls (new browser window only): Choose whether the browser window containing your Flash movie should display all browser controls, no address bar, or no browser controls.
  8. Click the Save button and your movie will be added to the slide. If you insert the movie in the slide you will either see a Video Placeholder (.MP4 or FLV) or the first frame of the movie (.SWF). If you insert the movie in the Presenter Panel or in a New Window you will see a Flash icon in the upper left corner (Presenter Video) or lower right corner (New Window).
  9. Optionally, if you’ve inserted your movie in the slide, you can adjust the placement and size of the Flash movie by clicking and dragging the placeholder image to move it or resize it (hold down Shift while resizing to maintain the aspect ratio).


  • Presenter ’09 publishes Flash Player 6,0,79 output.
  • Presenter ’09 supports Flash movies created using ActionScript 2.0 or earlier; ActionScript 3.0 is not supported.
  • Presenter ’09 only supports MP4 video encoded with the H.264 codec.

To remove a movie from your course:

  1. Click the movie placeholder of the movie you’d like to remove (first frame placeholder or Flash icon).
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard or right-click and select Cut (or Ctrl-X).