Adjust the margins of answer choices in Matching Drop-Down questions to control word wrap

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You can adjust the margins for answer choices in Matching Drop-Down questions in Quizmaker '09 in order to control where line breaks occur for lengthy text that must be word-wrapped.  Here's how:

  1. Open your quiz in Quizmaker '09.
  2. Double-click the question that you wish to adjust.
  3. Click the Slide View button on the toolbar.
  4. Select text box for an answer choice.
  5. Right-click the text box, and select Format Shape from the shortcut (context) menu that appears.
  6. Select the Text Box tab on the left.
  7. In the Internal Margin section, assign a new value to the Right margin.
  8. Click the Close button.

Note:  Each answer choice must be adjusted separately.

Here is a video screencast of this process: