Colors and Effects

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Quizmaker ’09 lets you easily customize the look and features of your quiz player. With Player Templates, you can modify how the player looks and choose which features you want available in your quizzes and surveys.

To access the Player Templates:

  1. Click the Player Templates button on the toolbar.
  2. The Player Template Builder will open and a list of existing Player Templates will be displayed.
  3. Select from the following options:
    • New: To create a new Player Template.
    • Edit: To edit an existing Player Template.
    • Delete: To delete an existing Player Template.
    • Rename: To rename an existing Player Template.
    • Duplicate: To copy an existing Player Template.
  4. You’ll see the Player Template Builder open with 5 tabs, which you can use to build and customize your player templates.

Elements of Colors and Effects:

The elements of the Colors and Effects section of the Player Template Builder are below. Use the checkbox or drop-down menu next to each element to determine if this element should be available in your player template.

Quizmaker ’09 comes with a number of preset color schemes that are coordinated with Presenter ’09 and Engage ’09 color schemes. You can quickly choose one of those preset schemes or create your own.

Color Scheme

  • Color Scheme: Select from the drop-down list to choose the color scheme to use in your player template. Included color schemes include the following:
    • Black
    • Dark Blue
    • Forest Green
    • Light Blue
    • Medium Blue
    • Olive
    • Orange
    • Silver
    • Slate
    • White (default)
  • Edit: Click this button to open the Color Scheme Editor, then do the following options to create your custom color scheme:
    1. Using the drop-down menu at the bottom, choose a part of the Player template to edit. Available areas to customize include the following:
      • Frame
      • Text
      • Buttons
      • Timer
      • Scrollbar
    2. Select the preferred color for that part of the Player. Add Custom Colors as necessary by selecting More Colors.
    3. Set the preferred Transparency.
    4. Click OK to save the template with the current settings or Cancel to exit without saving.
  • New: Click this button to create a new Color Scheme, then do the following:
    1. Enter a Color scheme name and click OK to save or Cancel to exit without saving.
    2. Follow the above steps (Color Scheme -> Edit) to customize and save your new color scheme.

Fonts and Effects

  • Sound Effects: Use this drop-down menu to modify your quiz Sound effects.  [Video Tutorial]  Options include the following:
    • Enable (default): Your quiz will include sound effects.
    • Disable: Your quiz will not include sound effects.
  • Player font: Select the preferred font from the drop-down menu.
  • Use rounded corners: Check this box to use rounded corners in your quiz.
  • Display likert scale tooltips after: X milliseconds: Add the preferred timing in this field by inputting a value or by using the up and down arrows.

Click Preview at any time to review the template with its current settings. Click OK to exit the Preview or Replay to review again.

Click OK to save the template with the current settings or Cancel to exit without saving.