Custom "try again" button on feedback master doesn't work

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If you create a custom button on the Feedback Master to replace the built-in Try Again button for quiz slides, you may find that your custom button doesn't work as expected when you preview or publish your Storyline course.

The built-in Try Again button uses a simple Hide layer trigger, but this button also gets automatically generated for each individual slide. In fact, you can interact with it in the timeline for each question slide (as shown below). 

However, custom buttons on the Feedback Master don't get generated for each individual slide. As a result, Storyline doesn't know which layer you want to hide. Use either of the following methods to make your custom "try again" button work:

  • Copy the custom button from the Feedback Master, and paste it onto the Try Again layer for each question slide.
  • Or, add a trigger to the Feedback Master that adjusts a number variable as demonstrated in the following screencast: