Articulate Online: How to Create Duplicate Content Titles

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Articulate Online does not support content items with the same name.  When publishing to Articulate Online with a duplicate title, you will be prompted to overwrite the existing content item:

A document with the same name already exists.  Would you like to overwrite the document?

However, if you are publishing for manual upload to Articulate Online, it can appear that duplicate content titles are possible.  This can occur if there are leading or trailing spaces in your published title.  Although a content item with an additional space before or after the title may appear the same as a content item with additional spaces, Articulate Online will treat it as a different title and, therefore, a different content item.

This is a known issue.  You can avoid this issue (which only occurs when publishing for manual upload) by ensuring that there are no spaces before or after your published title when publishing for Articulate Online.

If you have already encountered this issue and it appears that you have content items with identical names, you can do one of the following to avoid confusion:

  • Change the name of one of the "duplicate" titles.
  • Delete the older content item.
  • Delete the new content item.  Then republish it to Articulate Online with exactly the same title as the older content item, so that it overwrites (updates) the existing version.