Interactions and Quizzes Are Missing From Articulate Package

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If your presentation includes Articulate Engage interactions or Articulate Quizmaker quizzes, you may find that the *.intr files and *.quiz files are missing when you create an Articulate Package (zip file) in the following scenario:

  1. You create an Articulate Package on one computer that includes the *.intr and *.quiz files.
  2. You transfer the resulting zip file to another computer.
  3. You extract the zip file, and launch the PowerPoint presentation.
  4. You then create another Articulate Package of this same presentation on the new computer.

When the "second generation" Articulate Package is created, you may find that *.intr and *.quiz files aren't included in the zip file. This is a known issue. Here's how to correct it:

  1. When you're ready to create a second Articulate Package, open the presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Navigate to each interaction and quiz slide.
  3. Click the Edit in Engage or Edit in Quizmaker button.
  4. When Engage/Quizmaker launches, click the Save and Return to Presenter button.
  5. Then generate a new Articulate Package.

Note: For a quick, automatic way to re-establish broken Engage and Quizmaker links in your presentations, see Project Beacon for Articulate Presenter. This method pertains to PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010. Project Beacon hasn't been tested by Articulate and isn't officially supported.