How to Upgrade a Presentation to Articulate Presenter '13

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It's easy to upgrade an Articulate Presenter '09 presentation to Articulate Presenter '13. Just open the presentation in PowerPoint, then go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and click any of the buttons (e.g., Slide Properties). You'll be prompted to upgrade the presentation. Click Yes. That's it!

Presenter will automaticaly upgrade embedded quizzes and interactions at the same time. If Presenter is unable to find any of the quiz or interaction files, you'll be prompted to locate or remove them.

Differences you'll notice after upgrading


Customizing the player:

  • Presenter now shares a single unified player with embedded quizzes and interactions, so learners can navigate with one set of controls. Because the new player is so different from previous versions, upgraded presentations will use the default player in Presenter '13. To customize the new player after upgrading, see this tutorial.
  • View modes—Standard, No sidebar, and Slide only—are no longer supported. However, you can customize which player features appear on each slide in your course. For example, you can display the course menu on some slides and remove it from others. See Managing Slide Properties to learn how.
  • Bookmark and Send Link player tabs are no longer supported and will be removed.
  • Displaying slide notes at the bottom of the course isn't supported in the new player.
  • You can now force presentations to always resume without prompting learners.


To learn more about all the new features in Articulate Studio '13, click here.

Need to go back to the original project files?

A backup copy of your original project files will be created during the upgrade process, so you can always go back to them later if necessary.