Articulate Online: How to View Reports That Contain Non-Western Text

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When you export reports from Articulate Online to CSV format, you can generally double-click the CSV file to open it in Microsoft Excel for analysis. However, if your CSV report includes non-western text—such as Japanese or Chinese—it won't display correctly when opened in this manner.

To view a CSV report with non-western text in Excel, do the following:

  1. First, create a new spreadsheet in Excel.
  2. Then go to the Data tab, and click From Text
  3. Browse to your CSV report, and click Import.
  4. When the Text Import Wizard opens, select the Delimited file type, choose Unicode (UTF-8) file origin, and click Next
  5. Mark the Comma box (uncheck all other delimiters), and click Finish
  6. When the Import Data window opens, click OK.