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When you open the Player Templates dialog, the Other section is the sixth and final tab on the left. Use the Other section of the Player Template Builder to modify Browser Window Settings and Slide Titles.

The elements of the Other section of the Player Template Builder are below. Use the drop-down menu or checkbox next to each element to determine the behavior or if this element should be available in your player template. When you close the Player Template, the last-viewed section will be shown the next time you open it.

Elements of the Other Section:

Browser Window Settings:

  • Browser size: Select from the drop-down menu the desired browser option:
    • Display at user’s current browser size (default): Do not change the user’s browser size.
    • Resize browser to optimal size: Resize the user’s browser to 980 pixels wide x 640 pixels tall.
    • Resize browser to fill screen: Maximize the user’s browser to fill the screen.
  • Presentation size: Select from the drop-down menu the desired presentation size:
    • Scale presentation to fill browser window (default): Enlarge the presentation to fill the user’s browser.
    • Lock presentation at optimal size: Lock the presentation at 980 pixels wide x 640 pixels tall.
  • Launch presentation in new window (creates launch page): If checked, presentation will launch in a new window via a launch page.
  • Display window with no browser controls: Whether or not to display browser controls (stop, refresh, forward, backward, etc.) in new window.
  • Allow user to resize browser: Whether or not the user should be able to resize the new browser window containing the Articulate Player.

Slide Titles:

  • For long slide titles: Click the radio button that describes how you would like long slide titles to display in the Articulate Player navigation:
    • Display tooltip after X seconds: If the slide title goes beyond available space in the navigation, hovering your mouse over the title for this number of seconds will display the full title.
    • Wrap title up to a maximum of X characters: Specify the maximum number of characters that should be shown in the slide title. If you have opted to display slide numbers, those characters will count toward the maximum.
  • Display slide numbers in navigation tabs: Display/hide slide numbers in the Outline, Thumbnails, and Notes tabs.  [Video Tutorial]