Publish to Articulate Online Fails

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When publishing to Articulate Online, you may encounter a message that says the following:

Unable to connect to Articulate Online. Please verify you are connected to the internet and your login information is correct.

This can happen for any of these reasons:

  • Articulate Online may be down or partially down. Visit to see if Articulate Online is experiencing an outage. Click the Subscribe button in the upper right corner of the status page if you'd like to receive notifications of status changes.
  • You're not connected to the internet. Reconnect and try again.
  • Your Account URL is incorrect. It should look something like this (don't add https://):
  • Your email or password is incorrect.
  • Your Articulate software is unable to connect to the internet because of a local or corporate firewall. (Some firewalls also give you the option to allow certain programs to access the Internet, so, if you see a prompt about this while publishing to Articulate Online, allow the Articulate programs access and try re-publishing.)
  • The upload was interrupted due to an internet connectivity issue.
  • Your Articulate Online URL contains one or more periods.
  • The title or description of your presenation contains smart quotes.
  • You're tracking by a quiz but the quiz is no longer present in your project folder. Remove the quiz placeholder in PowerPoint, and then add the it back into your presentation. Do not rename or save the presentation. Simply publish again to Articulate Online.
  • You're attempting a manual upload using a web browser or a computer that does not meet the system requirements for publishing content to Articulate Online.
  • The appropriate port and domain are being blocked by your firewalls or other networking devices.
  • Your company uses a proxy server. You should contact your IT department to determine what your proxy server address is and what port is being used. Then adjust the Proxy Settings in your Articulate software.
    • Storyline: Click the round Articulate button in the upper left corner, and select Storyline Options.
    • Presenter: In PowerPoint, go to Articulate > Presentation Options > Other.
    • Quizmaker: Click the round Articulate button in the upper left corner, and select Quizmaker Options.

If you're still unable to connect to Articulate Online directly from an Articulate application, we recommend that you publish for manual upload to Articulate Online.