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Quizmaker ’09 allows you to set application preferences in the Quizmaker Options window.

To open the Quizmaker Options window:

  1. Click the Articulate Button.
  2. Click Quizmaker Options.

Quizmaker Options include the following:

  • Check for updates at startup: Leave the box checked to check for updates at startup, or uncheck to stop updates from being checked at startup.
  • Enable publishing for manual upload to Articulate Online: Click the box to allow a manual upload option in Publish -> Articulate Online. In the Account Information section under Account URL, select from the drop-down menu the option to Publish Locally, then specify the Local Folder whose contents you can then upload to Articulate Online (a .qm3 file). To learn more, see Publishing: Articulate Online.
  • Show attempts column on question list: Click the box to show the number of attempts possible for each question.
  • Open questions in Form or Slide View: Select the default view for a new question by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting Form View or Slide View.
  • Reset "Don’t show again prompts:" Click this button to reset the prompts so that they appear again until the Don’t show again box is clicked in each prompt.
  • Spelling
    • Spelling Options: Set options for how the spell checker reviews text. Restore defaults by clicking on the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the window. Click OK to accept changes. Click Cancel to close the window without saving any changes to spelling options.
      • Hide spelling errors: Check box to hide spelling errors.
      • Ignore words in UPPERCASE: Leave box checked to ignore words such as ASAP.
      • Ignore words with numbers: Leave box checked to ignore words such as Win95.
      • Ignore Internet and file addresses: Leave box checked to ignore words such as articulate.com.
      • Ignore capitalized words: Check box to ignore words such as Antarctica.
      • Ignore words with mixed case: Check box to ignore words such as UltraMan.
      • Ignore HTML markups: Leave box checked to ignore words such as <Strong></Strong>.
      • Allow accented words: Leave box checked to ignore words such as Être.
      • Report doubled words: Leave box checked to report doubled words such as the the.
      • Suggest split words: Check box to suggest words such as "boy" for "theboy".
      • Phonetic suggestions: Check box to offer phonetic suggestions. This feature is only available in English.
      • Typographical suggestions: Leave box checked to offer suggestions for correct spellings.
      • Casesensitive: Leave box checked to determine words by case patterns.
      • AutoCorrect: Leave box checked to automatically perform spell checks. Click Options to open the AutoCorrect dictionary. Leave the Replace text as you type box checked to automatically correct misspellings. Here you can add or remove the words you want automatically replaced. Enter the word you want replaced in the Replace field and the word you want it replaced with in the With field. Click Add to add it to the AutoCorrect dictionary. To remove a word from the AutoCorrect dictionary, either type the word in the Replace field or find the word by scrolling through the AutoCorrect dictionary and clicking on it; click Delete to remove the misspelling from the AutoCorrect dictionary. Click OK to save changes to the AutoCorrect dictionary or Cancel to close the AutoCorrect window without saving changes.
      • Dictionary:
        • Main Dictionary language: Select from the drop-down menu a dictionary to use in spell checks. Available dictionaries include the following:
          • English (Canada)
          • English (U.K.)
          • English (U.S.) (default)
          • French
          • German (Post-reform)
          • German (Pre-reform)
          • Italian
          • Spanish
        • Custom Dictionaries: Click this button to Modify, Change Default, create a New, Add existing (.dic file), or Remove a custom dictionary. Click OK to save changes, or Cancel to close the Custom Dictionaries window without saving changes.
    • AutoCorrect Options: Click to open the AutoCorrect dictionary. See above section on AutoCorrect for more information.
  • Proxy Settings:
    • Use Internet Explorer proxy settings: In most cases, leaving this default option selected will allow you to publish from Quizmaker ’09 to Articulate Online using your default Internet settings.
    • Use proxy server: If your organization uses a proxy server and you are publishing from Quizmaker ’09 to Articulate Online, you may need to select this option and input your organization’s proxy server settings. Check with your IT department if you’re unsure, or if you do not know the Address and Port of the proxy server.