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With Quizmaker ’09’s timeline feature, you have the power to build custom Flash animations that make your questions engaging and highly interactive.

The Timeline allows you to apply amazing animation effects to all your objects on your question slide including images, shapes, text and Flash movies.

To manage the Timeline:

  1. Select and open an existing question in your quiz or survey or create a new question.
  2. Click the Slide View from the top ribbon.
  3. Select the View Tab from the menu.
  4. Select the Timeline from the Show/Hide section of the menu. This adds the timeline to the bottom of your screen. You can hide or display the timeline by clicking the arrow on the right side of the timeline.

What makes the timeline powerful is that it lets you select objects and change their order on the screen, control the sequence of animations, and set the slide timing.


  • Objects are layered on the timeline. The top-most layered object on the slide is also at the top of the timeline.
  • If you click on an object, it is highlighted in the timeline.
  • To change the layer order of the objects, drag the layer up or down in the timeline.
  • You can also change the object’s position on the timeline by dragging it from left to right. This will change when the object first appears.
  • To change the object’s duration, select it and then click and drag its end points.
  • To change the name of the layers, double-click on the object name and type your own description. You can name the layers to make it easy to find objects.
  • Locking the layer keeps you from making accidental changes to it. When it’s locked you can’t accidentally change the layer in the timeline or move the object on the screen.
  • You can hide the layer so it’s not visible. This is helpful when you want to reduce clutter and focus on making changes to a particular object.

Using the Timeline

A playhead starts at the beginning and moves along the timeline. Objects enter or exit the slide based on their position on the timeline. When you press the play button or hit your spacebar, you can see the playhead move across the timeline. When the playhead gets to an object, the object appears on the slide. When the playhead gets to the end of an object, it will disappear. This is how you can make objects come in and out of the slide.

You can move any object you see on the timeline, regardless if it is a formatted quiz question, a sound file, or a Flash movie. And because of this, Quizmaker ’09 gives you a lot of power.

If you right-click on a layer, you’ll find additional timing and display options.

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Bring to Front
  • Send to Back
  • Align to Playhead
  • Show Until End
  • Show Always
  • Timing

Quizmaker ’09’s timeline gives you a lot of power to create animated sequences for your quizzes and surveys. You are empowered to build sophisticated Flash-based animations for you quiz and survey questions.