Unable to sync animations if a slide has audio in both PowerPoint and Articulate

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You may find that you are unable to Sync Animations if all the following criteria are true:

  • You are using PowerPoint 2003.
  • You have inserted audio in PowerPoint via Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from File or recorded narration via Slide Show > Record Narration.
  • You have also imported audio to the same slide via Articulate > Import Audio or recorded narration via Articulate > Record Narration.

This is a known issue.  You can correct it in one of the following ways:

  • Delete the audio (speaker) icon, which represents the PowerPoint audio.
  • If you need to keep the PowerPoint audio in your presentation (in addition to the Articulate audio), you can workaround this issue by configuring it to play with a Trigger in this manner:
  1. Right-click the audio (speaker) icon, and select Custom Animation.  This will open the Custom Animation pane.
  2. In the Custom Animation pane, right-click the animation that represents the PowerPoint audio, and select Timing from the shortcut (context) menu that appears.
  3. Click the Triggers toggle button.
  4. Select the radio button to "Start effect on click of".
  5. Click the OK button to save the change.
  6. Then navigate to Articulate > Sync Animations to synchronize your animations with your audio.