Use a player template that displays (In Project) in other presentations

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If you receive Presenter '09 project files from another developer or another computer, you may find that the player template assigned to the presentation is designated as being (In Project) as shown in the image of the Publish dialog below.

The player template associated with a presentation is stored in the PPTA file.  The player template will display (In Project) when it is only available in this particular presentation but is not stored on the computer itself.

If you would like to reuse a player template that you receive from another developer or another computer in other presentations, you can save the (In Project) player template to your computer in this manner:

  1. Open the presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Navigate to Articulate > Publish.
  3. Ensure that the Player Template drop-down list displays the name of the player template followed by (In Project).
  4. Click the ellipsis (...) button to the right of the Player Template drop-down list.
  5. When the Player Template Builder opens, click the File button (at the bottom of the window).
  6. Select Save As.
  7. Assign a name to your player template.  (Note that you can assign a new name or the same name to your player template.)
  8. Click the OK button.  (The player template is now available for use in all other presentations on this computer.)
  9. Click the Close button to exit the Player Template Builder.
  10. Either click the Publish button to complete the publishing process, or click the Cancel button to exit without publishing at this time.

Here is a video screencast of this process: